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About Us.

The CakeShape DVD first originated in 2007 when a new mother found she would soon need various birthday cake shapes for her growing family and also a unique cake shape right for her neighbour's meeting and couldn't easily use specialty cake pans - the right one was hard to find. Her small kitchen at the time didn't have much room to store specialty cake pans anyway. Having a love of baking and a background in chemistry, as the years went on she formed a small company to develop, research and experiment from time to time with the technique of baking new cake shapes, to include the covered joint, the sealant recipe,the method and the correct high quality materials to use for safety and ease.

Now in 2012,using CakeShape you can apply your world to a cake. With the children's cake design choice or with your own design, or with the edible inks and edible icing printing sheets now available commercially and smartphone photos in common use, baking your own cake shape that's just right for the occasion or person celebrated, is easier than ever.